OZAYA PM Basics (PM-0705018) 600g Package
OZAYA PM Basics (PM-0705018) 600g Package

OZAYA PM Basics (PM-0705018) 600g Package

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Whole fruits


With the best from fruits, vegetables and cereals, fibers, live lactic bacteria and enzymes as well as valuable herbal extracts from Indian Ayurvedic teachings, the digestive system is cared for in multiple ways.

  • to supply the body with nutrients and vital substances
  • (supplies the body with different nutrients and vital substances)
  • promotes healthy intestinal flora and vitalizes the digestive system
  • strengthens the body’s own immune defenses
  • with many antioxidative vital substances
  • contains an absorption-promoting Ayurvedic herbal aroma
  • better bioavailability by the exclusive NTC
  • low glycemics (according to the latest scientific findings)
  • specially developed concentrate with natural fibers and fibrous material from fruits, vegetables and cereals
  • provides important soluble and insoluble fibers, secondary vegetable compounds and enzymes
  • contains live lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus Bifidus + Lactobacillus acidophilus)


Vitamine C
Vitamine E
Lactic Acid Cultures (probiotic)
Oligofructose (prebiotic)
secondary plant substance

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